Visual field reporting

    Simple an intuitive reporting from the field. Manage tasks and projects in real-time


    Quick and easy

    Take a picture with mobile / tablet and submit to the photo gallery along with relevant information.

    Stay on top

    Ensure that activities and campaigns are conducted in accordance with agreements and specifications.

    Always updated

    Everyone is updated in real-time regardless of location. No local or personal storage of content.

    Automatic alerts

    Notify responsible persons in real-time for certain events and deviations.

    GPS og real-time data

    Timestamp and GPS location with automatic link to chain/store or customer/project for all submissions.

    Advanced search

    Find photos and information through advanced search. Get customized reports in a breeze.


    Use local and central campaigns and installations as inspiration for ongoing and future activities.

    Sharing and cooperation

    Share reports and image sets with vendors, distributors, and your own organization.

  • Efficient data collection in the field

    Collect, analyze and make the right decisions with real-time data from your shops.

    SnapShop are used for collection, sharing, reporting of photos and shop data.

  • Stay on top of your activities and campaigns

    Assign tasks, check implementation from your field workers,
    and increase sales with real-time data from your stores.


  • HOW

    SnapShop makes it easier for your employees to collect and store feedback from customer visits.

    All your photos and data are collected in one place with GPS, time stamp, store name, location, comments, etc.

    All data stored in one place and available to the entire company for insight and analysis in real-time.
    Define your measurement criteria and start collecting you data today!


    Make checklists and tasks

    Define what your field teams should document and measure.

    Data collection

    Field team and consultants report via their mobile / tablet
    (iOS, Android and browser).

    Analyze and act

    See what your consumers see, get real-time reporting, detect trends and act to maximize your profit.

  • Get the job done - Quick and easy on mobile

    Does your staff or sales team spend a lot of time collecting and documenting shop activities?

    And do you have enough insight to make the right decisions?

  • SnapShop app in use

  • Get valuable insight with SnapShop

    SnapShop gives you many different views to choose from. The "Timeline" provides a snapshot of all activities for all users with a social section with likes and comments. "All images" shows all submitted images categorized on time with all submitted data. Additionally, there are menus for easy management of users, chains, stores, categories, projects, advanced search, reports, and sharing of images with other users, suppliers, or partners.

  • "Snapshop must be the easiest tool for image capture on the market. Both the app and website are intuitive and easy to use and make campaign documentation and data collection a game. We have used Snapshop for almost a year and now have a comprehensive image library of small and large promotions in store.


    The interactive solution makes it easy to get back to the store, our employees get inspiration from each other and it's easy to report images to suppliers.


    Our goal is to be the best in the campaign implementation and Snapshop is a valuable tool for achieving this. Customer service is also exemplary"


    Ulrikke Frøshaug


    Fredrik & Louisa

  • Real-time campaign status

    See live status of your campaigns! As an administrator, you can easily set up and monitor campaigns for a chain or selected stores.


    Sales representative will immediately be notified in the app about active campaigns / projects and report status on this.


    SnapShop gives you a visual overview of the status of the campaign. What is the progress, who has completed, not completed, etc. Campaign Manager can then follow up the individual sellers or stores in SnapShop.

  • Share photos and campaigns

    With SnapShop, you can share photos, image sets, and entire campaigns.


    For example, share a selected campaign with a vendor and partners who do not normally have access to the solution.


    The images are shared via a link on e-mail, and the link will allow a limited access to the shared pictures for a period of time.

  • "We are very pleased with Snapshop, and use it to document and monitor the implementation of activities in the retail and HoReCa market. In addition, it handles internal sharing and categorization of images for us. The solution is very user-friendly and easy to use for our sales team."

    Maija Mäkirinne

    Marketing Manager Sinebrychoff

    Carlsberg Group

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